Steam Traps

Thermodynamics steam Traps

Steam has two components: [1] The latent heat useful in process for Heat transfer, and [2] The Sensible heat in the form of condensate having only the heat content not useful in process, rather hindering Heat transfer and causing damage to piping equipment due to its presence. Hence, there is need to remove condensate and trapped steam. This is done by Steam trap.

Thermostic Steam Traps

This trap works on the difference in Enthalpy of Steam and Condensate. A capsule attached to a Bellow filled with precise amount of a Hydrocarbon, Expands and contracts in response to the rising/lowering of Enthalpy. Thereby shutting and opening the valve. Condensate has lower Enthalpy, causing the bellow to contract and the seat to retract which opens the valve and allow discharge of condensate. The reverse happens with the steam and its higher Enthalpy.

Ball Float Traps

Steam used for secondary heating like Coils, Vessels, Heat exchangers etc. Generate a lot of condensate post heat transfer. This large quantity of condensate can handle by ball float trap. This condensate has a substantial heat component with cost tagged to it. Also this is treated and pure water and can be used as Feed water for the boiler, Saving the cost of heating, Water Bill and Treatment chemicals. Therefore it makes sense to recycle / reuse this condensate. This function is also done by the Ball Float Trap.

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