Pipeline Accessories


The strainers serve the purpose of removing/filtering unwanted detrimental elements from the pipeline, which otherwise would harm the equipment/contaminate the media.

Sight Glass

The most common application is flow indication. The Sight Glass is fitted in the pipeline to indicate if the fluid is flowing correctly in the line. These can therefore be used to indicate blocked or choked valves or Traps, strainers, pipelines or piping components which otherwise would lead to a decreased level of performance, plant efficiency and safety.

Moisture Separators

Removal of Moisture becomes essential from gases and Steam as it cause of two phase flow, water hammer, damage to equipments, as well as it affects heat transfer, total heat carrying capacity of the fluid in case of steam.

For effective separation of moisture from steam air and other gases is the uniquely designed baffle type of separator. In this separator the incoming fluid hit the baffle and the changing contour and resulting in expanding of volume, moisture gets deposited on the cool Baffle plates to be drained by the natural inclined inner profile of the separator, whereas the Steam / gas gets around the Baffle and out sans moisture, ensuring 95% efficiency and longer life of equipment.

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