Ball Valves

Ball Valve

A Ball Valve is a stop valve in which the closing member, the movable part to block the flow, is a spherical ball. Sometimes, the ball may be floating or mounted on trunnion support based on sizes and pressures. Spring-loaded.

Ball Type Check Valve

Ball type (non-return valve) was the first valves at Normex with a unique design. A very simple but robust design with no critical mechanism involved. All parts like hinge-pin-disc mechanism used in conventional valve are eliminated and Normex has put in a reinforced rubber coated ball to arrest flow media in return condition.

Ball Type Foot Valve

The control application in pumping systems attracted Normex to come out with control Valves i.e. Butterfly Valve. The Normex Butterfly Valve superseded the Gate Valve, Ball Valves and Globe Valve in most spheres of applications. Gas tight sealing with excellent control characteristics and uni directional flow has qualified Normex Valves by most of the industries. The centrally mounted disc, shafts and bearings has minimised head loss. We are one of the leading traders & supplier of Valves, Industrial Valves, Ball Valve, Check Valve, Foot Valve in Ankleshwar.

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