Heat Recovery Products

Flash Vessels:

Condensate when discharged from higher pressure to lower pressure, the difference in the sensible heats at the two pressures causes certain amount of Condensate to again convert to Steam known and referred to as Flash Steam.

This is as good as dry steam albeit at lower pressure, and can be utilized as such. This separation can be done by allowing the hot condensate to discharge into a vessel of a pre determined volume, to get the desired amount of condensate and Flash at a specific pressure. This vessel is known as a Flash vessel.

Pressured Power Unit

In these days of energy conservation hot condensate is too valuable to be lost as it contains more than 25% of heat used in creating steam. Also it is distilled water making excellent feed water for boilers. Our Pressure Power Pumps are pumps which are used to pump condensate to the desired location and are cheaper to operate against electrically operated pumps which require special impellers to avoid risk of cavitations by condensate and temperature limits of condensate to be handled.

Steam Injector

Steam Injectors are used for heating Water, Feed water, Process media, process liquors etc by direct injection of steam into the media. They are designed for quiet and efficient heating of the media ensuring thorough mixing, uniform heating and absence of temperature stratification. It draws in cool liquid from one end and mixes it with the steam being injected. These ensure full utilization of the total heat as well as avoid Flashing and noise.

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